Preschool is such an exciting time for learning and growth. During these important years a love of learning is developed. Here at North Run Baptist Prekindergarten we know that preschoolers learn primarily through play.  Each step of the way, we focus on meeting individual needs and helping your child gain the confidence necessary for the next stage of learning. We provide many opportunities for free and teacher led exploration. We use a multi-sensory approach to teach letter and number recognition in small and large group settings. Our class sizes are small enough that your child will receive individual learning experiences throughout the day. Our units of learning are taught through themes. We incorporate Bible, language and literacy, math, science, social studies, music, free play indoors and outdoors, and creative arts into our daily routines. Our goal is to help your child become a life-long learner.


Creative Arts

Opportunities to be creative, make decisions, follow directions, gain self-confidence


Free play indoors

Engage in conversation with peers, problem solve and decision making skills, conflict resolution, opportunity to pretend and take turns



Clean Up Time

Responsibility, manners, cooperation, following rules

Snack Time

Thanking God, manners, patience

Books and Puzzles

Making choices, responsibility, cooperation, identifying text runs from left to right, letters and words carry messages, pictures give clues to the meaning of the text



Circle Time

Singing, movement, educational games, stories, Bible lessons, sitting still, taking turns, listening, responsibility through completion of classroom jobs


Music Time

Rhythm, instruments, listening, singing skills, lessons about God, gross motor skills


Outdoor Free Play

Large motor skills, making choices, positive peer interactions, observing nature and God’s world, climbing, running, swinging, riding bikes, sand play


Table Time Activities

Fine motor skills, following directions, letters, shapes, numbers, colors


Science Lessons

Making predictions, observations, exploring, discovery, recording results, understanding God’s world


Math Lessons

Number sense, measurement, spatial relationships, geometry, math language, sequencing, patterns


Language Arts Lessons

Alphabet knowledge, stages of writing, visual discrimination, fine motor skills, vocabulary, rhyming words, comprehension


Social Studies Lessons

Exploring the community and its members, understanding their place in God’s world, field trips, visits from resource people


Bible Lessons

God made you and loves you, the life of Jesus Christ, verses, songs, miracles, Bible truths, memorization, application of Bible messages, honesty, thankfulness